how to translate the content of a prezi?

I work for a translation team and have a requirement to translate a Prezi. All contents needs to same except that the language is different. From my understanding:

I need to have edit rights
make a copy
manually navigate to each prezi frame
click on text 
replace content with translated content.

This is a very manual process - is there a better way? may be i change the content in an XML or something like that.

This become more complicated when i have embedded images. Even though i have translated images, i have manually do this.

Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

Hi dpramod19,

Yes, you are exactly right about the process, we don’t recommend editing xml of any prezi as this could cause crashes.

In embbed images that contain text you will have to use a third part software to edit those, or ask for the original image files so you could add text on the prezi.

Hope that clarifies your question.


Hi Nicki,

Thanks for the response. I was however hoping to get a solution. The manual process is pretty laborious especially if the prezi has a lot of text.

With respect to embedded images, yes we definitely need to use an external software. But, the challenge is after we have the translated images - i have to manually go into each frame and “replace” the image.

I was expecting a nicer rather a simpler way to do this.

I would probably be disappointed if there is no solution for this.

Best regards,


I wish I could give you a better solution, and I totally understand your frustration.
I myself do localization for one of the prezi languages.
The process is very manual, but it’s how we do it, including all the tutorials you see on our page.

However, I’d raise this issue in our wish-list to our developers, but at the moment I can’t promise anything.

Kind regards,

Thanks Nicki. Appreciate your concern and response. I hope some day this “wish” becomes a feature.

Best regards,

Hi.I second this request. 
Do you know if a feature to help the translation/localization process, is being  developed?

An advanced multilingual tool where the user could duplicate the presentations only for language purposes would be extraordinary.

However, in the web version of the presentations, a resume of the text used is shown. 
As a quick approach, if this text could be edited, it would be already of great help.

I hope someone related to the developers team can read this.