How to use the front camera for Prezi Video

I’m using MS Surface Pro which has two cameras at the back and front. I’m using Prezi on Chrome. Chrome detects three cameras (0,1, and 2) but they are all “main camera” (at the back) rather than the front. Does anyone know how to turn on the front camera?


Hi @Sohoon_Yi, you have to set the camera on your Browser. Please go to your chrome settings and have them select PREZI VIDEO.

You can access the camera from the video icon on the URL bar as well.
You might also have to clean the caches and cookies. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi, I am using a USB camera and attempting to create a Prezi video on the web browser using chrome. Prezi attempts to locate my camera and microphone with no success. When I unplug the camera, Prezi immediately pops up an error message that my camera is not available. So it’s as if previously it located the camera, but didn’t connect properly. Because as soon as I unplugged, it knew. I have restarted the browser and the computer with no luck. I had this same issue with my home computer, but as soon as I unplugged and plugged the camera back in it found it. I have check the settings (device and privacy) and everything looks good.

Hey @Mandy_Sykes I’ve moved your question to the relevant thread. I would recommend setting the USB camera as default in Chrome’s settings, as per Bart’s reply above :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!

I have the same problem: Prezi has access to my rear camera on my MS Surface Pro 4. I can’t find any chrome settings where I could change that, and when I click on the video icon on the URL bar, the dropdown field for camera is greyed out - it shows “Microsoft camera rear”, but it doesn’t let me choose the front camera.
The front camera does work on other software, e.g. the camera app of Surface itself.
What can I do?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @Peter_Ringeisen is Chrome given access to the front camera in your system settings? I recommend checking it according to this article:

Scroll to the bottom and check the Windows article but instead of Prezi Video, try to allow Chrome to use it, then in Chrome, Prezi Video.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Excellent - that solved the problem. Thanks a lot, Sam! <3


I am also using a Surface Pro and I’ve tried everything in this thread and still cannot get Prezi to use my front facing camera. In my privacy settings, both Chrome and Prezi have permission to use the camera. The camera itself is set to the front-facing camera. Prezi has permission to use the camera in Chrome, but there’s no option to tell it which camera to use. If I click the camera icon in the URL bar, it has a drop-down where I can select which camera I want to use, but the field is gray and I can’t change it to my front camera. I’m able to use my front camera on other websites (e.g., Zoom) and in the Prezi desktop app, but not to record videos using the Prezi website. Is there some other setting not mentioned above that I’m missing.

Hi @Barbara_Baksa, the default camera should sometimes be set in a different menu in Google Chrome. Please Go to your settings in Chrome, then search for “Camera”. You should see a dropdown menu in your “Site setting” where you should be able to set the default camera for Chrome. The Exact path is Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Camera.
Hope this helps!

That did it! Thanks so much!

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My rear camera is always used in the Prezi Video teams app. How can I change the camera in the MS Teams Prezi Video app?

Thank you

Hi @Mario_Tempelmayr, could you please let me know which device are you using with Prezi Video?

Surface Pro 7

Hi @Mario_Tempelmayr, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Could you check the answers above?

Thanks for the opportunities. Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem.
I use Microsoft Teams on a Surface Pro7 and the available Prezi Video app in Teams - there is no way to switch cameras.
In the normal Prezi Video app, I can select both cameras.

Is there a solution for the Prezi Video APP in Microsoft TEAMS?

Hello @Mario_Tempelmayr, both in the desktop app and web, the parent application (MS Teams) passes on the camera and mic control to Prezi Video. In the desktop app, you choose the camera from Microsoft Team’s settings page. If you are using the Microsoft Teams web app, you should allow the camera for that app using chrome’s site settings.

Let me know if this was helpful.