How to write square numbers or index

Hey guys,

can anyone please tell me how to write square numbers or numbers in index (such as H₂O₂,) in Prezi next with an MacBook Air?
I already know the trick for Pages or Keynote to substitute for example ( ^ 2 to ² or < 2 to ₂ ) in the keyboard-settings, but if I want to use this in my Prezi-presentation, the numbers do not appear as square numbers or in index.

Thank you so much for your help. <3

Hello, @Kira_Hanschitz.

Currently there are no combinations to produce index numbers in Prezi Next, however, if you copy-paste the formula from a text editor, such as Notes on a Mac or Word on a Windows machine, it can still be visible in a Prezi presentations with one of the fonts listed below:

Cooper Hewitt
Crimson Text
Fira Sans
Great Vibes
Kaushan Script
Libre Baskerville
Old Standard TT
Source Sans Pro
Work Sans

I hope this helps!

The doubt is in the title.
I tried using ctrl + . , but didn’t working.
Please, help me.
Thank you.

Hi @Joao_Victor_Guimarae, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic. Please note that writing a superscript is not possible in Prezi directly.
I would advise you to add a 2nd textbox with smaller letters where you need the superscript or follow the method recommended by my colleague above.
Hope this helps!

Wie kann ich in einer Präsentation (nicht Design) ein einzelnes Zeichen hoch oder tiefgestellt werden?

Hallo, ich habe deinen Beitrag mit dem entsprechenden Thread zusammengeführt.

Könnten Sie bitte die obige Antwort überprüfen?

Die Schriftart aufgrund der Möglichkeit tief oder hochsetzen zu wählen ist keine Lösung. Die von Bart vorgeschlagene Lösung hätte ich in den 1990er Jahren sofort umgesetzt. Aber das ist einfach nicht zeitgemäss für eine so teure Software. Das muss Prezzi noch viel üben.

@Markus_Gehrig vielen Dank für Ihre Rückmeldung! Gibt es eine bestimmte Schriftart, die Sie in Ihrer Präsentation verwenden möchten?

How can you create superscript in Prezi Present? I cannot find the option for this text type and it will not allow me to paste a superscript from a document.

Hello @Tarryn_Andrews, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

Have been using Prezi for about 12 years now.
The Superscript and Subscript feature is really something I miss the most.
Quite cumbersome to make formulas with extra textbooks.
I really hope Prezi will soon add the normal font-options that text-editors and for example Powerpoint have.
Today I am working on a presentation and it costs me so much more time that I even considered switching to Powerpoint that I haven’t used for 12 years…!