How to zoom out to overview?

For that I’m pretty sure you have to be zooming in & out from the overview page & can’t be in a topic/subtopic level, maybe check that out &/or Prezi can confirm or deny when back online.

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You’re right. I tested it. You can only zoom out to overview if you have zoomed to an area ON the overview. Wouldn’t it be great if we could zoom out to a topic or overview from within a subtopic? If Prezi would add that it would resolve a few of the issues of not being able to adjust the path.

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I’m trying to do this, too. I’m wanting to record my prezi for the video part of a podcast where I’m going to zoom in on three sections of a piece of text to discuss them. One of those sections needs two subtopics. Ideally, I need to be able to show the whole text, zoom in on section 1, pan to section 2, zoom in to subtopic 1, zoom out to text section 2, zoom in to subtopic 2, zoom out to text section 2, then pan to text section 3.

Like so many others, I was used to Prezi Classic, where this was easy, and when I planned the project in my mind, I was counting on being able to manipulate the field of view freely. The workarounds suggested so far here would mean I’d need to zoom in to my first subtopic, then click the back arrow to get to my topic. . . where I’d have to click through all of its animations to get back to the section of the text I wanted.

This help page says that Zoom to overview, topic, and subtopic are in fact now options: . If that’s true, wonderful. I don’t have them, though. Anyone know what’s going on with this?

@Amateur_Bomb_Museum what you’re trying to do is currently not possible, I’m afraid. I apologize if that section of the article was misleading!

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Thanks for bringing our attention to this, @Amateur_Bomb_Museum. The article section is about zooming out on the level you’re on (e.g. after having added a Zoom to area), not out to the parent topic (e.g. to a topic after a subtopic), but isn’t particularly clear about this, we agree. We’ll update it soon to avoid confusion. Thanks again.

Zoom out to a parent topic is not possible today. is there an update for prezi next possible for this essential option ?

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Hello! It is not possible to zoom out to the main topic between subtopics unfortunately. I will forward your feedback and request to our developers.

I guess we are not only users, who would be glad to find this functionality settings of Zooming out from Suptopic to Overview and after to the new topic. Would be great to be able to do it, and not so hard to make it possible I thought. For example to do it in Animation settings - just to change option from going to another Topic (or Subtopic etc.) to go to the Overview - oficialy called ‘Transition to’.

Any news regarding this Isue?

@ingo_huber, thank you for the Animations idea. Currently, we do not have an update.

Just stopping in to add I’m also interested in having the ability to zoom between topics. I just spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to do this exact thing before googling and finding this discussion.


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I would also appreciate this feature! It is helpful for the viewers of the presentations to see where we are at in the presentation by going back to the overview. It shows advancement and relation in the process of the presentation. Please let us know if this feature will be added. It was very nice on Prezi Classic.

Thank you.

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Prezi guys, is it so difficult to hear the voices of users. Still you do not have the option to zoom out to to a topic or to an overview? We are paying for your product which is lacking basic options?


Yep, I am with everyone else here. When I teach I might come into a topic page that shows the subtopics we will be working through. When I’m finished with the first subtopic I want to briefly duck back out again to the topic view to give perspective of where we’ve just been and where we’re going next; and not just go directly to the next sub-topic. At the moment I have to do this ‘retreat’/zoom out to topic level manually with a mouse (can’t use my clicker/presenter) with the little return arrow in the corner. It’s a pain … so please, as a paying user, can I ask that a solution be found and implemented for this ASAP? I would have though it pretty fundamental to the whole concept of the way Prezi works … thanks.

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Hello @Bruce_Hulme, thank you so much for sharing this, and we do understand and agree with the relevance of this feature. We keep sending all your feedback to our development team, and as soon as we have more news in relation to this we will post it here.

I really need this too. I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out…

I feel just like Bruce_Hulme. At the moment I am one of the first lecturers at our university to test Prezi. Especially for teaching it is crucial that the presentation can be structured linearly. For the overview it is extremely important to be able to zoom out on the superordinate topic to see where you stand now and to which sub-theme you are going next. As long as I don’t have this freedom, I won’t recommend Prezi to our staff.


I want to add my name to this thread, I spent so much time trying to figure out how to do this and am super frustrated it’s not even possible. That seems like such a simple feature to be able to order how you want the presentation clicks to flow.

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Unfortunately currently prezi company management think in this world only Sales people with Ipad needs presentation. So they can tap on those circle and show off their product. Rest of the world is irrelevant. So prezi is working very hard to meet their needs. We must appreciate their effort and not use prezi for any other purpose like teaching.