How to zoom out to overview?

I feel just like Bruce_Hulme. At the moment I am one of the first lecturers at our university to test Prezi. Especially for teaching it is crucial that the presentation can be structured linearly. For the overview it is extremely important to be able to zoom out on the superordinate topic to see where you stand now and to which sub-theme you are going next. As long as I don’t have this freedom, I won’t recommend Prezi to our staff.


I want to add my name to this thread, I spent so much time trying to figure out how to do this and am super frustrated it’s not even possible. That seems like such a simple feature to be able to order how you want the presentation clicks to flow.

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Unfortunately currently prezi company management think in this world only Sales people with Ipad needs presentation. So they can tap on those circle and show off their product. Rest of the world is irrelevant. So prezi is working very hard to meet their needs. We must appreciate their effort and not use prezi for any other purpose like teaching.

During “present” mode, my Prezi zooms out for a wide shot of the entire project before heading to the next topic. Is it possible to change where the wide shot focuses on? I’m using the free version

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Roy_He, I have moved your post to the relevant thread. Currently Prezi automatically zooms out to the overview between topics and it is not possible to remove this automatic animation. As a workaround I would suggest using more subtopics and less topics. I am sorry about any inconvenience and will pass on your request to our developers.

After 5 minutes using the desktop app, I discover navigation is a real pain.

I have to use the mouse?

How can I have a conversation if I have to use the mouse every time I go up a level?

Plus on Mac, the left bottom corner is sensitive so it blows out to Mission Control every time I try to go back.

Tried the remote. It only allows forward and back, like PowerPoint?

Hello @Peter_Bruinsma, to navigate through the presentation you need to use either the keyboard arrows or click with the mouse. Alternatively you can also click on any topic you’d like to open from the overview. When using a remote, it is only possible to go forward and back. If you need further assistance or have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

I want to add my name here, too. Zooming back out to the bigger topic to show people the context is essential. This was a feature in Prezi Classic, how is this not a feature in the new version?

It’s been over a year, please add this necessary feature!!