How to zoom out to overview?

HI I am new to Prezi next
I want to incorporate zoning back out to my overview page each time a complete a topic
Can you please explain how I can make this happen?
I have spent all weekend on this but nothin I try seems to work
I am thinking this must be me because it is such a basic eduational need
Please help me to resolve this
Thank you so much
Cliff Battley
Clinical Psychologist

Hello @Cliff_Battley, Prezi automatically zooms out to the overview between topics, this is an automatic animation. It is only not possible to zoom out to the main topic between subtopics currently.

It does not automatically zoom out to overview!!! :confounded:

Hi @Sofia_Olsson, could you please send us a view link to the presentations where this zooming out doesn’t happen? I’m happy to take a look at it.

I started using Prezi recently and I have to say that it is the most user unfriendly presentation software on the market. As this this thread describes one of the many problems I have encountered and I can see that nothing has been done since 2017, I cannot justify wasting so much time trying to figure out how to navigate Prezi’s many problems (even harder with a constantly offline chat support window). It’s a shame too, because the end results are outstanding. I just don’t have the time.

Hi, I also would like to have the feature to zoom out between two subtopics, cause the audience could follow better when the see at what point we are now.
As I see this feature was ask more than a year ago and it is still not implemented. this is a little bit sad for a paid software.
Hope it will come as soon as possible.
But except of that, I really like Prezi and it is a very cool tool.

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Good god, I ditched prezi a year ago this being one of the main issues.
What a shame.

Hello community, we are glad to let you know that our development team is currently working on this feature! As soon we have any updates, we will let you know :slight_smile:

This is beyond the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Poor Sara has replied 17 times over the span of 2 years and STILL NO CHANGES despite 4-5 people saying that they have left prezi over the lack of this feature.

PREZI - FIX THIS! I don’t know how many people need to request this. WE ARE ALL GOING TO LEAVE.


Hello @Stephen_Schalk, as I have mentioned in the previous reply, this feature is currently in the development phase and soon as we have any updates we will post it here :slight_smile:

Dear Catarina,

thanks for the feedback. Any estimation whether an implementation within Q1 is feasable?

Hi all,

Thank you for your incredible patience, I understand how frustrating this must be.
We have implemented a capability with which you can customize your camera path a little: you can set whether you want to return after each subtopic to the subtopic overview or not, and the same for topics and the overview. This feature is now being tested to make sure we don’t cause any trouble - as we are changing some of the very basics or prezis.
Hopefully you can try it out yourself in a couple of weeks.


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Any update on this. I’m also waiting for this feature as well.

Hi @Ryan_Dahlheim, there are no updates yet regarding this feature but it is in testing phase at the moment. We will post in this thread any updates we have! :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan,

We already had an internal test release, but we discovered several issues that our teams are fixing at the moment. I hope to come back with good news in a few weeks. (Why so many? This feature requires us to change things on the prezi document level, and we have to release the new document version on all platforms first before setting this feature free.)

Also to set the right expectations: we will not add a new animation for zooming out to the overview, but we’ll let you change a bit how the camera should go through your presentation (always return to overview, vs. never return - and the same for subtopics). We know this is not solving all issues, but we plan this to be the first step forward a more flexible path.

Thank you for your patience!

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Obligatory, “It’s been 3 weeks, any updates?” post. How close is this now?

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Prezi developers are you sick ??? Ive just spent 2,5 h to understand i cant set up animation to previous overview!!! On morning i have an important presentation and this is DISAPPOINTING! Where when you fix it ? I will definitely not prolong the licence and our company wont buy corporate license. This is disgusting.

Hi Stephen,

We are doing another internal test round this week. If all goes well (fingers crossed), this might be out very soon! I ask for a little more patience here.


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Hello @Mes_D, as you can see in the previous reply, this feature is currently being tested so it should be available soon.

I would also like to remind you that there are certain Community Guidelines within the forum and we won’t tolerate any kind of disrespectful behaviour towards Prezi employees or users. You can check more details here.

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Hi all,

I’m happy to share that today we released a new feature called Simple Path Flexibility. This is our first step towards allowing you to have a more flexible path in Prezi Next.
With this feature, you can configure per prezi how the camera should move through your topics: you can decide to always go back to the previous level both on the overview and subtopic levels, or never go out, and build a prezi that has a similar path to what you had in Classic. You can find the ‘Path settings’ button at the bottom of your path sidebar.
We know this will only solve some of your requests, but as I mentioned, this is only our first step. We aim to make the path more flexible per step in our upcoming projects. We will keep you updated!


What might also be good news, we plan to bring over the ‘Home’ icon from Classic as well, which will allow you to go out to the overview step from any level - both in the editor and in View.

I’d be happy to know what you think!

Best, Zsuzsa