How yo reduce (or better disappear) the "play bar" when launching video

Hi… the play bar for the videos is very very big!!!.. is there a solution to reduce it or better to make it disappear after launch? thank you for your help

Hello Fran

currently the playbar will always be there and show if you put your mouse pointer over the video during the presentation - so keeping the mouse to one side can help with this. the behaviour is differrent in the new player in that the video will take over the full screen when playing - in the older (flash player) you can also manually start the video from a distance. You may also be able to place an image over the video in this version (png / swf image) if you want to hide the play bar, however this would lose you some of the video size. This player may change in future Prezi updates but I cannot be sure about that just yet I’m afraid.



Hello John
Thank you very much for your answer. I’ve got some ideas and questions for future prezi developpements… where should I post it? As a designer, i would really like to get a more professional interface for building Prezis… the actual version is really imprecise (and buggy) and I really feel the recent upddates doesn’t take the good way for professionals…