I really need help by today. My overview has shrunk and my presentation is soo small.How can I fix it…

This is the link:


Hello @Katia_A, sorry for the late response.

Please check the Support copy of the presentation on your dashboard, we fixed this version for you.


Thank you soo much.But i had to do a new prezi all again as my assessment was due today in the morning.Can you please let me know why this happenned and how to fix it next time?
I really appreciate your help and your hard work.I will be using prezi again and i admire your help.

Thank you


I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, the problem, in this case, was that the connecting lines between the topics were set too large, making the overview shrink.

Whenever this happens (hopefully it won’t), I can recommend you to select all the content on each slide (Alt+A keys) to see if something is placed outside of the frame. Once you remove these/decrease the size of the connecting lines, the overview’s size should go back to normal.


Thank you soo much for your help

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