Hyperlinks in zoom areas can't be clicked

So I discovered a bug in Prezi. I have a presentation where we’ve added the zoom animation on a particular “slide.” Within the zoom area/frame I have a hyperlinked URL to a website. However, with the zoom-in animation added, it “kills” the hyperlink. On the presentation the link still shows up like a link. It’s underlined and turns a different color. However, the link is unclickable.

When I remove the zoom feature, the link becomes clickable and works as normal. This leads me to believe that the zoom feature, when activated, disables the hyperlink within the zoom frame.

Please note and address.

Could you please share the link of your presentation with me so that we could have a look?

We took it out of our prezi because of the issue, but i’ve duplicated it here in a test environment.


It’s under the “Create” section, first subtopic. You’ll be able to see how the link works within a zoomed area and non-zoomed.

Thank you for the link to the presentation.

Unfortunately, due to how the content is handled within zoomed areas, the link is not clickable.

I am sorry if it is causing any inconvenience in connection to the structure of your presentation.