Hyperlinks won't work in full screen mode with Crome or Internet Explorer

I have problems with hyperlinks when I run my presentation in full screen mode. I’ve tried both Crome and Internett explorer. It’s the same.

When I run the presentation without full screen mode they work, but the presentation is zoomed in to the hyperlink and doesn’t look very well. But i works. I’ve checked that they’re not a part of a group, and I’ve sendt them all to the front.

In earlier versions it worked very well (April 2013). When i cliced a hyperlink in full screen mode presentation, it opened in a new window. When I put my cursor to the bottom of the screen the “progression arrows” showed and when I cliced on of them I was back in my presentation still inn full screen mode. It looked very nice, and worked fine when I did my presentation.

My presentation about dyslexia is here: http://prezi.com/h4scup5aoobq/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

I hope you can help me.


Dear Anette,

It is independent from Prezi, does the browser opens a new tab or a new window. You are able to set it in the browser’s settings.
Currently your presentation cannot stay in full screen if you check a webpage from a hyperlink.

Thank you very much for letting us know your needs on this!
I am going to forward this to the product managers.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz