Okay, but can I actually edit the link to make it more user friendly instead
of having the big ugly link?


Not at this time, @Megan_Reinle. Sorry for the trouble.

I’d suggest using a link shortner for the links that especially long something like tinyurl

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This is a very important topic, the Prezi I am working on is regarding accessibility and I just recommended not using the URL, and now I have to use the URL to link them to Accessibility tools. I can use a url shortener, but it is still not the BMP


The ONLY solution that I’ve been able to find for this is the following:

  • Insert a text box that displays the text you would like your viewers to see
  • Ensure that this text box has been moved “to front”
  • Create another, separate textbox that contains the hyperlink that you’d like to use during your presentation
    • Ensure that your text in the second is the same color as the background and not the same color as the text used in
      your first textbox
  • Reduce the size of your second text/text box
  • Place the reduced text/textbox in an area that is close to the first textbox so that this second textbox serves as a type
    of clickable “hotspot” that can be activated during your presentation.
    I know it’s a lot of steps but, it’s the only workaround I’ve been able to find that alleviates the need for the uber-long url…

Hi ive had a bit of success with using tiny url - using tinyurl means that i can edit the name of a link - i have then blanked out the first half of the link by making it the same colour as the background of the slide. tinyurl puts a hyphen in between each word which i have also blanked out doing the same thing

example: (Link made from tinyurl): https://tinyurl.com/Project-Managers-Network
my slide has a purple background - i make the first part of the link and the hyphens purple also so the viewer only sees Project Managers Network which they click on


@Prezi team
Seriously, this feature has been requested by many users over 2 years ago from Prezi classic and still it’s not done? This is such a basic piece of functionality that everybody expects it for an online presentation tool. Common. Are you trying to upset your loyal user on purpose? Every static object placed on in the presentation should be linkable.


Hi, @Kiril_Okun. We make sure to pass feedback such as yours to the responsible team. As this functionality is not available at the moment, please check the answers above for a workaround. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Lana. Yours is exactly the same response that had been posted to the previous threads for the last several years with no result whatsoever. So not much value here. What would be really valuable is to follow up with the product team managers and give us the expected date for this feature. The fact that’s it wasn’t included in Prezi Classic and is still missing from Prezi Next is as bewildering as it is disruptive.


I understand your frustration and I understand how useful the option could be. But please know that the forum staff discloses all the information we can on this forum and we do make the announcements right away. Once we have any kind of update on hyperlinks, we will share it in this thread.

The only thing i have to add is the call to all other Prezi users to express your urgent need for this basic feature and your frustration at the fact that despite years of requests we are no closer to even knowing when it will be added.


I am very surprised this feature doesn’t exist yet. Please add it asap, we need it for every single presentation!


I absolutely need this feature too, and am surprised that it isn’t possible. Or am i misinformed? Prezi used to have the simple “insert/hyperlink” option. Why not Prezi Next?


What a bad joke…do you actually employ developers. Something as simple as this should have been added a long time ago. One of the many reasons I would not financial support Prezi with a subscription - YOU DO NOT RESPECT THE NEEDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.


This is a ridiculous omission and how is it on the not planned list.

Seems so obvious as a requirement so sort it out Prezi


Dear Prezi,

A hyperlink and a mind map are fundamentally the same thing. A way to relate concepts. Prezzi’s strongest point is the way that you could create mind maps that scroll from big picture to more detail to more detail. Like it would be amazing to see all the information in wikipedia contained in a prezzi. But its impossible to graphically/ spatially fit all the information because topics overlapping between say physics and chemistry and … you need more dimensions than just 2 or three. having hyperlinks would give users a way of creating a wormhole between interconnected mind maps. This is how all textbooks should be written or a tool for users to spatially organise research. Like you have your textbook mind map arranged to chapters but then there are the chapters that deal with how to use all the information at once - those are where you need hyperlinks. This new seemingly difficult of information you are learning here is actually the same as that stuff you learnt in second year and when you use it with this other stuff the collection of crazy red interconnecting strings (hyperlinks) gives you this lightbulb moment. One note can’t zoom as gloriously. yet.


Even though this request is not among the features that we’re planning to implement in the near future, it doesn’t mean we don’t come back to it at a later point, especially if more and more of our customers voice their need to have hyperlink possibility. We understand that this is an important part of creating presentations and we will update this topic if the status of this request changes.

In the meantime, please check the workaround above.

I would love to be able to add a hyperlink to a picture of custom text.


@Thomas_Brewer I’ve merged your request to the thread discussing this feature request, you can follow some workarounds above. Also, we’ll update this topic with any news.