Three years and Prezi team is unable to implement BASIC implementation. Adding a hyperlink CHANGING its name.

“Not at this time. Sorry for the trouble” (Jun 2017)
“we’re planning to implement in the near future, it doesn’t mean we don’t come back to it at a later point, especially if more and more of our customers voice their need to have hyperlink possibility” (Mar 2018)
“I’m afraid currently you’d still need to use one of the workarounds to create “buttons” or hyperlink images but hopefully, we’ll be able to share an update about the implementation of the feature in the near future.” (Feb 2019)
“this request has been forwarded to our developers however it is not on the immediate roadmap unfortunately. If we receive further updates from them we’ll post in this thread” (Oct 2019)
“as soon as we have any news we will share it here” (Dec. 2019)
“I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. For the time being, this feature is not available however we’ll keep you updated once anything changes” (Jul 2020)


Dear staff,
many many customers ask for it.
Stop fooling us.
Stop answering.


Better to say: we have no interest to support your request
More honest


I am also waiting for the solution of this problem. It is a excellent software, but the lack of this feature is simply unacceptable.


I totally agree with you. Although Prezi is quite professional in most respects, their inability to implement the hyperlink feature really disappoints me. I (and most of my colleagues) love the concept of Prezi and would certainly use it on a regular basis, but the subscription fee is simply not in line with the utility of a product that lacks such a basic feature.


Would be nice to at least know why they couldn’t implement this feature. I’m not an IT guy, so tell me if I’m wrong, but I think that the feedback of the community has already outweighed the cost of implementation. Given that the former represents any value at Prezi.

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Wow, I thought I was crazy or missing something? Also note that you can add links in these comments but not in presentations? I’m revisiting if this is even useful for me?

Shocked that this is not possible.

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I still can’t believe they have not added this feature. I’d like to hyperlink images as well as text to URLs and I shouldn’t have to add ugly http’s to be able to do this - really subtracts from the aesthetic

Hello dear community, thanks for your feedback and the feature request.

This feature has already been in discussion with the product team and has been added to the backlog for future development.

However, please be aware that whilst we wish we could do it all, since 2020 and the COVID pandemic we are fully focused on making the Prezi Video experience as good as possible and have to prioritise feature development and product improvements accordingly. Therefore we don’t have an exact date of when this might be expected.

Thanks again for caring and giving us your valuable feedback.

This is absurd. I just upgraded hoping the feature would just be buried somewhere. Nope. So, I found this thread. I can’t believe this has been going on for 4 years. Immediately downgrading my account now.

Hello @Brian_Clark, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, this feature is still in our backlog, but are prioritising other features at the moment.

You can also check some workarounds on how to use hyperlinks in Prezi above in this thread, for instance this one.

Can you make an object a clickable link? Many links that we use are extraordinarily long. This means that they take up space and look ugly. Do i have other options for links?

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Hi, I would like to put embetted/hidden Links into my prezi (at Prezi present). Do I need a Premium account to do that, or ist this feature available in other account versions too. Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Hi there, I have embedded a PowerPoint presentation in Prezi and the presentation contains hyperlinks that the presenter would like to click when presenting through Prezi.

How can I hyperlink the copy in the presentation so that presenter is then redirected to the relevant page.


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Hi, is there any possibility to view a link in a Prezi presentation? I mean on the slide to click on it and open it in an internet explorer? Thank you A.

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I’m trying to add a hyperlink to an image but am unable to do so. Is the student account not premium enough?

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