Can I add a hyperlink using my Edu pro account?

Hello @Fatima_Alketbi, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Currently, this is not available with Prezi Present, but there are some workarounds you can try, for example this one.

It’s only possible to add URLs to your content using Prezi Design, you can read more about it here.

Let us know if you have further questions!

I have purchased your premium license temporarily and we are using it on a trial basis, but unfortunately the add link option is not available, please guide me.

Hello @Shafagh_Hesam, I’ve merged your question into the relevant thread.

Currently it’s only possible to add hyperlinks to your content using Prezi Design. Please check out the answer above.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Adding my vote to this one. It is pretty ridiculous that this feature isn’t available in your oldest and most used product whereas it is available in Prezi Design.