I can not edit my Prezi


I can not edit my Prezi.
I just try for different browsers, but it doesn’t work. Loads only white sample and it can be looped when I click only white sections. It can’t be properly opened and I basically can’t edit my frames from inside or outside, it shows me the only background. Please help me, I have one hour just for my presentation schedule.
my prezi link



As your presentation loads well on my end, it seems to be connected to your network. Please find our troubleshooting tips here:


please help me, I can’t edit it. However, I can edit other prezis on my account. I can’t fix it. Nevertheless, I just try all the things you shared in a link.

it continuously gives error. turns all empty.


I’ve checked your presentation again and it seems you had your background image inserted twice. I removed the upper layer and now I can see the frames you worked on. Please check if it works for you now.


I am soo grateful to you. Thanks a million, it works brilliantly.