I cannot copy and paste images into Prezi



I have been transferring my Powerpoints to Prezi by hand, and have had no issues copying and pasting images until yesterday. What is wrong? I am using the Ctrl+V shortcut to paste as I always have but nothing happens.


I have the exact same problem at the moment. Tried deleting cookies and different browsers, too.


same problem right here!

after the last update it’s not possible to copy paste wether from pdf-screenshot nor from powerpoint document.

I’m really upset an frustrated.

And there’s another change. The name on the topics doesn’t copy into the bubble anymore… >.<


@Sterling_Recker, @Christian_Baumann, @rowansiebes. I am sorry you have encountered this issue. We’re looking into it. Could you please provide some additional information so that we could investigate further?

  • Operating system and it’s version
  • Browser type and it’s version

Thank you.


I’m running Win 7 Professional, 64 Bit

Prezi Next for Win 64 Bit Version 1.7.3

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 (64-Bit)

PDF Viewer: Adobe Acrobat 11.0.23 // PDF X-Change Viewer Version 2.5

COPY FROM CLIPBOARD doesn’t work anymore. Wether from browser nor from the PDF Viewer.


There’s another problem. Copying graphic-files from Win-Explorer to the Prezi Next App doesn’t work anymore. There’s just the possibility to drag’n’drop the *jpg/png/… files into the App. -.-

It’s frustrating.


Windows 10, 64bit
Chrome, Version 65.0.3325.181


Thank you for the information, @Christian_Baumann, @Sterling_Recker . I have forwarded everything to the responsible team.

In the meantime, please use the drag-and-drop option.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you, but that has never worked for me either


I’m having the same problem. Can’t paste in any image. Tried from many sources. I can drag and drop still.

Tried on these browsers:
Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Firefox 57.0 64-bit

With this OS:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit


Thank you for the information, @dugwyler. We are still working on this, so in the meantime, please keep on using drag-and-drop. I am sorry if it is causing any inconvenience.


Work still in progress?

Copy paste via CTRL c/v is such an elementary function…


Same issue here and drag and drop doesn’t work either. GLAD this is only a trial version…so much for giving this a good try for my upcoming presentation. Disappointed user :frowning:


Happening to me too… Inconvenient, but saving images and uploading them into the software as a work around. The paste image issue is happening for me with the web app via Chrome and on the downloaded prezi next desktop application on my windows 10 PC


We apologize for this inconvenience, our responsible team is aware of this bug and is actively working on a fix. We’ll post the updates once we have any, and in the meantime, please use the workaround suggested by @Lana above.



I’ve been using this program for almost a year now; I’m a high school teacher, and it’s wonderful for history. However, I noticed about two weeks ago that I can no longer copy and paste images into the program. I now have to download and then upload each image (i.e., from Google Image Search) into the Prezi.

This is unbelievably annoying.

I’ve tested this on both Mac and PC and confirmed that it is indeed impossible to Ctrl-C into Ctrl-V images into Prezi Next from external sources. I quite literally woke up one day and it stopped working.

If this is an intentional change, I am incredibly unhappy with it and cannot see any rationale behind it. I can still get images from Wikipedia, Google, etc., I just have to go through one more annoying step. If I have 50 images in the average presentation and this takes 20 seconds longer, you’ve just added about 15-25 minutes to my Prezi creation time.

If I’m missing something and this is still possible, could someone tell me? As I said, I’m very frustrated by this.


I have the same problem…it is quite frustating


@Matt_Hale @Chiara_Garulli I merged your posts to the relevant thread, please find any information and updates here.


When can we expect a solution to this problem?


@rowansiebes, we do not have an update, however, please know that as soon as we have any information, we’ll make sure to add it in this thread.


Any updates? This is basic stuff. I have a major presentation tomorrow. I will have to go back to PPT. I will be asking for a credit on my account for this month.

It looks like this has been going on for 17 days!!!