I cannot duplicate my prezi on my dashboard. Why?

Can’t find the duplicate button in my old prezis. Was it a recent update or smth?

I am experiencing the same issue as well. Logged on today to my account and found that the “Save a copy” option is no longer appearing. 

Everything is working just fine now. Thank you for a quick reply.

I am also having this issue and really need this function for a presentation I am giving in the morning! Please help! 

Thank you,

im having the exact same problem.

Hi Vanda,

I also having this exact problem and also have a presentation in the morning that I need duplicated, please help.

I have the button to save a copy, but am getting error messages over and over. It’s a Prezi I own. Please help? Thanks!

I have the same, upgraded licence to Pro yesterday though. Will I be able to use classic? Do not like Next.  Do not want to use templates in Pro.

I sent this to you in a new thread I started. Thanks.

I am also unable to make a copy of my Prezi!  Help is appreciated!
Thank you-

I’ve got the same problem — can’t duplicate my own Prezi Classic in Prezi Classic and can’t even create a new Prezi Classic to cut and paste into?

Hello I am having similar issues, I cannot duplicate or save a copy of my presentation. Even though I have made sure they are reusable on my privacy settings. 


I’d love to be able to duplicate an existing Prezi. Can someone help me with this?

Hi Lana

Here it is - https://prezi.com/xrkyjb3oj0of/edit/#19_264363264

Thanks for your help.


Hi Vanda, Could you please help me with this presentation → (https://prezi.com/p/4l9-dvwwu1vj/v4-business-models-for-impossibly-huge-problems/) I do not know why I don’t have the ‘Make a copy’ button! I attach an image of what I mean. I wait for your kind answer. Kind regards.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 6.00.40 PM_

Thanks for your kind answer, is there any way to contact the owner to ask if there is any way that he allow use this presentation as reusable, maybe an email or something? Thanks