I can't access to my account settings

Hi all, I’m not able to enter in my account settings… I tried to click the link but the page stuck with the loading circle… I tried many times to log off and log in again, and with several different devices, but nothing is changed.

Anyone can help me?

Ok!! Solved! Sorry… I deleted all browser data and cookies :blush: now it works.


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Hi, I am unable to access my account settings too. My trial period ends tomorrow and I have tried everything to cancel it, both on my laptop and phone. Everything on the website works correctly, yet it won’t let me access my account settings. Additionally, it wont let me start a help center chat nor provide a phone contact. I tried clearing my data and cookies for the site as was suggested and it still will not let me in my settings. I am very frustrated with this site. Do you have any other suggestions? Please help.

Hi @Megan_O, sorry to hear that, there is an issue with the accounts page.

I could see you were able to cancel your trial and I have refunded the payment which just happened. It should be back on your account in the next 3-5 business days.