I can't add subtopics to the Data topic in Mind Map template



I’ve used Prezi Classic before (a little) and now trying Prezi Next. Once again, I’m stumped by the simplest thing. I have selected a template to use and started working on the topics. When I add a new subtopic, it adds it to the wrong topic. I realise I need to select the topic I want to add the subtopic to. But double clicking the topic does nothing except let me edit the name of the topic (it doesn’t seem to select it, or zoom into it). So, I thought the problem may be the order of the topics, so I wanted to try rearranging the connectors. But there seems to be no way to view or select the connectors either. I can’t find anything in the menus (or by right-clicking) that enables me to zoom to topic or zoom to connectors. Another issue I had was that the little help section on the Prezi suggests double clicking near the top of the Prezi canvas in order to name it, but that doesn’t work either. The videos to help with using Next don’t cover these simple functionalities when you’re using a template. I had similar issues when I started using the Classic version - the simplest things aren’t explained anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Could you please share a link to your presentation and possibly a short video of the issue happening?


Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the link:


All I’ve done is choose the template, change the name of the middle topic, and change the name of the presentation. Then I try to select the ‘Data’ topic so I can add a new subtopic to it. But when I select it, and click +Topic, a new subtopic appears elsewhere on the canvas. Double-clicking ‘Data’ just renames it, so I don’t know how to select it as a topic, or how to view and select the connections. I’m sure this is all pretty straightforward and it’s just because I’m new to Next – but I can’t find any info online about how to do these simple tasks. Is it something to do with frames? I can’t see anything about frames in the help.

I can do a video if you need – how do I do that?



Thank you for the link, I’ve checked this template and the reason why it happens is that the shape with the Data title is not actually a topic. So when you click on adding a new topic, it won’t be a subtopic of this element but a completely new topic on the canvas.

I’m sorry if it was confusing!



Thanks for that. Just to confirm a couple of things then:

  • I should just replace the text box that is there with a topic? Are there any items on the page that are topics?
  • How do I view the connectors so that I can change the order?

Thanks again,



If you click on the thumbnails on the left side, you will see which elements of the template are topics by default. Please check this short gif:

You can also find the connectors by hovering your mouse between two topics and if you click on one, all the others will also appear. Please see the attached gif:


Thanks Vanda

I’m still struggling with the topics and the connectors.

OK, I can (sometimes) see the connectors when I hover on a topic, but then if I right click and select ‘Delete’ to delete the connector, it deletes the topic instead. How can I delete all connections to start from scratch?

For the topics, I’ve tried creating new topics and putting them on the canvas, and replacing the text boxes that looked like topics. So, I have ‘Online Safety’ in the middle and ‘Benefits’ at the top. I’ve then tried changing the order of the topics in the left hand column, so that the presentation will go through the topics and their subtopics in the order I want. But when I do that, the system actually changes where all the topics are on the diagram e.g. currently ‘Benefits’ is the last slide in the left hand column, but if I move it up the column so it sits below the ‘Online Safety slide, on the canvas the Benefits topic is moved somewhere random. It seems that the template has a pre-set order for displaying the topics. But that doesn’t make sense if I want to add or delete topics and sub-topics for my presentation? How can I change the running order of topics without them actually being moved on the canvas?

I’m starting to run out of steam with this – something that should be simple seems to be very challenging and time-consuming – can you help?




If you’re still struggling, there are quite a few posts on topic/subtopic re-ordering. It isn’t quite as straightforward as simply deleting connections. Here’s one thread (make sure you scroll through all the way top-bottom, there’s a lot to read) that might help & it also directs you to other threads to review; maybe see if any of the conversation within can help?


Thanks Kate,

Most of the issues I had were related to the fact that I was using a template which was pre-populated. In the end I had to delete all the existing content (rather than trying to amend it and re-order it). So, it would be helpful if there was more detailed guidance with each template to explain that you need to delete everything and start again. I will also read the post you’ve provided as I also will need to understand how the connectors work.




Gotcha! I think I understand. Since your earlier post (maybe?) there have been a few “blank” templates added that are still pre-populated, but very minimally, not sure if that would help as well? But yeah, I am unaware of a specific tutorial that would help outline the process of stripping an existing template. Maybe that’s a topic to add the the Ideas category?