I can't download my prezi! What should I do?

I can’t download my prezi and I need to use it offline. It’s a large one. It appears a message of error like this: Oops, an unexpected error occured. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check your internet connection,
if the problem persists you can find support here: community.prezi.com.
I tryed in different computers with different connections and the message is allways the same. What should I do? It’s urgent!


Thanks, I’ll wait for the answer.


please try to download it again, now it worked for me. We have adjusted the time frame for the download, which might have caused the problem. If you still don’t succeed please write me an email to peter dot vajda at prezi com

i can’t download my prezi too :’(

I cannot download my prezi file neither my url is http://prezi.com/hbleivo6ldop/garzon/ thanks

I have a problem downloading my prezi, please help me I need it urgently http://prezi.com/7elinll2ov0o/envlaw/ !](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/741683/problema_inline.png?1337786774)](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/741683/problema.png?1337786774)