I can't download offline version of my prezi (portable, PEZ, PDF)


I really need help right now, I have a free public account and I just went through a weekends stress thinking I had lost my entire science fair project. Finally, I have successfully logged into my Prezi account, but am unable to transfer and download my Prezi to my computer. As I find this quite urgent, feedback would be ever so appreciated as soon as possible. Thanks, Chanel.

hey when i tried to download a portable prezi it seems to be only for pro accounts
which is happens only to me

How can I download Prezi for free account. On download tab it show Download PRO. saying for upgrade to paid one.

Hello Vera,

I already registered for a Public account years ago, and today I updated my Prezi Desktop to Prezi Windows. And since then I can’t login to my account unless I upgrade.
Please correct me, is the presenting offline feature still available for Public plans? Because I can’t find this info on Get Help section!

Many thanks Roel for the quick response. I was checking https://prezi.com/windows and the first thing in the “Feature for all licenses” is “Present Offline”… not sure how it works since I can’t login to the desktop version at the first place.

As for downloading the prezi offline, yes I tried it and it still works thankfully.


Hi, I ́ve been a Prezi public licence user for YEARS now and I just recently upgraded my account to an “Enjoy” licence and lost my priviledge of downloading portable Prezi. Shouldn ́t this have to continue being my priviledge since it ́s the same account?? Even more because I upgraded it? Please let me know if nothing can be done (If with my Enjoy Licence I can ́t download portable Prezi) if so I ́ll stop using my account…I feel ripped off…

Hi Vera, (and all Prezi customer service personnel)
I really agree With Fernando and Roel.
I just upgraded from Public License to the Enjoy license today, and even if I paid 59 $ it means that I get a license with lower quality and less options !!!??
I must say I’m pissed off, and I would never do this if I knew this would happen.
Please tell me it’s possible to regret this purchase and it’s possible to get back my Public account/license with the option to download prezis to my PC.

Best regards
Disappointed user

This is truly amazing…
I also upgraded to Enjoy (to get a Prezi private) and just found out I cannot download the Prezi anymore. Amazing downgrade!
I will try to undo this upgrade if possible…

Vero, i’m having the same problem but my account is older than you say. What can I do?

Hi! I think I  have the same issue, the fact is that when Im downloading a prezi that has been shared to me it starts the download but at certain point (most of the times at 59%) it reduces downloading speed and does not come into an ending at all. What does the problem could be?

I have my prezi license ed plus however i cant download my presentation, should i change my license?