I can't import PowerPoint into Prezi Video

Hello, new Prezi user here. I downloaded Prezi video. When I open the app, the three icons don’t appear on the home screen with an option to download Powerpoint. In the upper right hand of the pane on the right side, there are three dots - when you see a trainer click them in a video, one of options after new, save etc is to “import” - when I click the three dots in my app, “import” does not appear. Thank you very much for you help.

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Hi @Susan_Baker, please note that the Import button is next to the 3 dots menu to the left.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your prompt reply Bart - I am feeling increasingly stressed by this situation because I have a presentation to give tomorrow and I can’t even get started. The attached screenshot shows what I see the moment I open the Prezi video app. I don’t see any 3 dots menu to the left. I don’t see the three icons that always appear in the training videos at the bottom of the screen so that you can click “import powerpoint”. All I see if the camera. You may notice the large bottles of Advil and Tylenol on the shelf - that’s for the headaches I’m having because I just cannot figure this out (kidding). But seriously, please help me!

Hi @Susan_Baker, thanks for the screenshot, I’ve attached the same image highlighting the Import button.

Could you please link the training videos here that you are trying to follow? They might be outdated with a previous interface.

Here is one: https://prezi.com/learn/present-video-training/

I was on the new Prezi video training call yesterday - and we learned how to import - I’m going to attach (again) the screenshot of what happens when import is clicked - there is not an option to import in the drop down menu - just new, open and save.

To reiterate - when any of those are clicked, the entire pane disappears.

I have deleted Prezi video app twice and reinstalled it twice

I am using the latest version

I really need help urgently as I am giving a presentation for a hospital tomorrow!

Thank you, Susan

Hi @Susan_Baker, please note that you are not clicking on the Import button.

On your screenshot, I can see that you are clicking the 3 dots menu. There is a button next to it, on the left side, saying Import. Please click on the Import text.

Please also make sure you have the version 2.5.1 installed as the previous one might have a bug related to the sidebar.

I’m really a numbskull.

Thank you SO much, Bart!