I can't insert videos, neither images



I am in the middle of my presentarion and I cant insert videos or images. The options are not active! please help me urgently!!


@Diego_Egas I tested your account and the insert image/video functions seemed to be working well.

Please make sure that your firewall or security settings are not preventing your computer from accessing certain features of Prezi and take the following steps:

Make sure that JavaScript, cookies, and pop-ups are allowed for prezi.com in the browser you are using.

Check that this is also the case with any firewall software, browser privacy add-on, or similar software that you may be running on your computer.

Please make sure that pop-ups are allowed in your browser privacy add-on or firewall software for:

Please let me know if this advice didn’t help and I’ll try to find a solution that works.


Pop-ups problem. thank u so much!


I have a standard EDU Prezi account and have been working on my first Prezi Next presentation. I am having a problem with inserting images. Some days it is no problem and some days I go to insert the image, it looks like it worked, then it turns gray with gray box with a slash through it. It’s done this today and I cannot add any type of image, including the same image I’ve already added (so I know it’s not anything to do with the image itself). On previous days that this has happened I have tried re-loading the page, or even using a different computer, but that doesn’t work. Any suggestions or advice?


@Rachel_Forster could you please check the suggestions of Agnes above?


i have the same problem. and the suggestions of agnes dont work


@Hasan_Salim_Kanmaz is it possible that there’s an adblocker running in your browser? That can also cause problems.

In case none of these suggestions help, please share a link to your presentation and we’ll check.


Why won’t Prezi let me insert an image?


I am sorry you are experiencing the issue. I have merged your question to the relevant discussion. Can you please try the suggestions above?


why won’t prezi let me insert an image?


@Christopher_McNeely, could you please let me know what environment you are using Prezi with? We would need the OS (Mac or Windows) and the browser and the version of the browser.

In the meantime, please take a look at our post with suggestions on how to deal with firewall issues as they might be the cause of the problem.


Could i be that Prezi cannor run smooth with Firefox browser? My “Insert” buttom does not work at all. I´ve tried the pop-ups stuff.
Plus, it runs sooo slow. I mean the whole prezi presentation.


Please check our System requirements article, and make sure you run Firefox 64 bit. I hope it helps!


Hello! Unfortunately, I have the same problem. Suggestions of Agnes don’t work. I use Windows 10, my processor is Intel Core i5 and my browser - the latest version of Google Chrome. Unfortunately, the buttons Charts, Image, Audio, Video and Comment in Insert are unavailable:

…Moreover, last 4 buttons on the right corner are also not work because of… “This feature is not availbale online” …

Can someone help me? How should I activate this functions???


…I’m installed Mozilla Firefox (64-bit) yesterday - and now I haven’t these problems!
Thx for your attention!!!