I can't move from topic to subtopic


I just built my FIRST Prezi NEXT presentation for my classes tomorrow. I cannot edit anything at the moment. When I attempt to move from topic to subtopic and page to page, NOTHING happens. I have closed and re-attempted many times. The frustrating part is that I was not going to attempt to use this new interface, but thought I would give it a try. When it comes to this new interface, I’m disappointed to say the least. I was having issues with editing in the way I am used to on prezi classic, and I already felt that the abilities were limited from before. But, now this. I NEED this presentation for the classes I teach tomorrow…so this is such an inconvenience! Oh, and, I am not a “paying member”, therefore I don’t qualify for chat/written help. Lovely. Any suggestions???


I’ve just checked your account and editing Prezi Next presentations worked fine on my computer. Could you please describe in more details what you’d like to achieve but you can’t? A screencast would also be helpful.

This forum topic also contains some troubleshooting tips, because firewall settings can also cause some issues with editing, especially if you’re behind an institutional firewall.

Please also check this article in our Knowledge Base about structuring a Prezi Next presentation, it contains some useful tips, as well.

I hope it helps!


Stacia, I had the exact same problem, it eventually corrected itself, but if you keep experiencing issues this information might help: