I can't save a copy of a hidden or private prezi

Hi there. I am still having this Problem with copy my Prezi. On my Account - it is not fixed and still a Problem. So - when do you think you will solve this Problem - cause i have a Big Presentation with major Clients as well…sorry. its urgent. Thx.

Same problem, and it’s not a problem of "saving a copy of a hidden or private prezi. i’m talking about the automatique periodic save of prezi, or manual save (online) just y clicking the button.

Each 20seconds i’ve the message saying i’m no internet connection, inviting me to save when i’ll have one… all is good in my connection, so…

All my work of the day on prezi is vanished ? i went here to test it for the first time, i’m quite disapointed now …

Have you a real solution to that (not a copy paste response), please ?

Thanks for your hard work and have a nice day.