I can't save my Prezi, please help!

I can’t save my prezi. I did all the stuff, but it’s not saving anything. It keeps retrying many times and then says that I’m not logned in, but I am!


Technical details:
id: 100


Technical details:
id: 1510 the reason is: {“status_code”: 401}

Same to me, seems to be a server problem. Anyone some way download, its the third time i do my presentation…

Yeah, I did it two times but it doesn’t save. ):

Camile, try again, i just create another presentation (the fifth time), on opera first(didnt work) and on iexplorer,and now its saved…

I tried, but it still the same ):

Hi Camile,

I apologize for the late response. Incase you cant save it try this:

You can create a new prezi in a different window. Then hold shift and select all by drawing a box around all your content. Copy and paste it over to the new prezi.


Same problem B. It just don’t save ):


Have you tried using Prezi on a different browser or different computers? Does it work?


Have the same problem. It keeps saying it will retry to autosave, but it won’t. I have tried internet explorer and google chrome, and neither worked.

What can I do??? I was counting on Prezi to have a presentation this week!!

Which error do you get? Have you tried all the steps in the forums?

All of them. On the top bar, it shows “Saving” and then “Retry in 10…9…8 seconds”, and it won’t save. (It keeps having the same cycle). If I try the “Exit” button, it does not because it can’t save.

Do you have the same prezi open in multiple windows? Be careful not to do that. It can cause a sync error.

Try on firefox to see if you get this problem. Only have your prezi open in 1 window. If you get the error please take a screen shot and post it here.

My prezi does not save, either, and I don’t always get an error message box. The program will sometimes act as if it is saving, but when I manually exit (“save and close this prezi” button never works) and return to my presentation, I have to start all over every time.

I also get this message box fairly often:
“Something went wrong. We could not save your prezi. You are not logged in to prezi.com…”
I AM logged in though, so I don’t understand the technical difficulties here

Very frustrating… need to turn this into my boss asap and prezi would be valuable if it worked

Just noticed an error sound that beeps every time I try to save. So, the saving process just isn’t executing…

One time I got this error:
Technical details:
id: 107 the reason is: Invalid save state: 4

^ I have the exact same problem

I got exactly the same problem. I’m in the middle of my presentation - please help.

i also received same error mesage id:107 the reason is: Invalid save state: 4

Same case / error as everyone above: d: 107 the reason is: Invalid save state: 4
Have checked internet connect, working fine. No option but to force close browser and revert to last saved state in the Prezi …

This seems to be a potential deal killer for Prezi. How can there not be a fix for this yet?

Same problem. Spent an hour making changes to my Prezi and now I can’t save it! Says “retrying” constantly, but no luck.