I can't sync my presentation in Prezi Desktop (FAQ)


Issues moving a local presentation to the “Synced prezis” folder can be caused by a connection problem or an unsupported or corrupted file. To check this, please try creating a new presentation from a template, with no other content.

If you are not able to upload this new presentation, the issue is likely connected to your network/proxy settings or software that is blocking Prezi Desktop. Schools and office networks usually block sites like Facebook or YouTube, and they can also block Prezi. If you are working from an office or school network, please ask your IT administrator to make sure that JavaScript, cookies, Flash, and pop-ups are allowed in your browser and any firewall software, browser privacy add-on for:


Please also make sure to grant access to ports 80 and 443.

If the new presentation uploads successfully , the issue is due to a file in your presentation that is too big, unsupported, or corrupt. Here are some tips that usually help:

  • Save a copy of your presentation first so that you have a backup of your work.
  • Keep your image files at the lowest resolution and size possible. The optimal resolution for images in Prezi is 1024x1024 pixels at 72 dpi and the maximum recommended size is 2880x2880 pixels.
  • Do not insert SWF files containing actionscript code.
  • Upload large video files to YouTube and add the link to your presentation instead of inserting the videos themselves from your computer.
  • Check Storage and file size limitations FAQ for more info.

If the above doesn’t solve your issue, then please submit a help request by clicking the blue Submit a help request button at the bottom of this page.

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