I’d like to have my background image larger than the frame

Hello Ilana,

I have a couple questions for you regarding PreziNext.

!. I’d like to have my background image larger than the frame it sits in. There isn’t enough image bleeding outside the frame. When zooming in or out you can see the empty space. Is there a way to make the background image larger than the frame?

  1. Is there a way to make the planet sub planets larger? when I load in 10 sub planets they get really tiny. And, I have no ability to enlarge them.

btw, chrome is a better browser for me (Mac).



In order for us to be able to help you better with the first question, could you please send me a link to the presentation in question?

Even though subtopics cannot be enlarged one by one, there is a way to enlarge the whole subtopic curve.

Please see this GIF with an instruction.

There is also an alternative way of editing the cover topics by adding shapes to them. Please see how to do it here.

Morning Lana,

Here’s the link to my current Prezi project.:


I’d like to be able to have the embedded background image be larger than the frame on the canvas. Reason being that when zooming in and out you can see the outside background color and edge of the image. In Prezi classic, I could make the canvas frame smaller, or any size as needed. In Prezi Next that canvas frame seems to be tied to the largest added image. In this files case the canvas frame appears to be tied to the gradient fill located at the bottom of the background.

How can I bleed this gradient so that it is out of the frame?

I have figured out the circles on the arc and making their spine reach 360 9ish) degrees. that helps with some things.

This background thing is potentially a real deal breaker for me going forward. If you have a the solution, please let me know. IF I’m not clear, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it again.

Thanks for your help - greatly appreciated!


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Thank you for the link.

Could you please try following the recommendations in this post. If it does not solve the issue, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist you further.

Yes! You put into words another of our situation too! Prezi, PLEASE look into this! It could very well be a deal breaker for us as well.

The solution for making a frame smaller than the embedded background image was ok - not as good as I would have hope for.

  1. In Prezi classic, I have the ability to make my overall canvas frame the exact size needed - regardless of graphics, frames, movies, charts, content which is sitting on the canvas. In fact, I can position content outside of the “overall canvas” frame. In Next, I can’t do this. Anything positioned outside of the embedded background pulls the frame away from the embedded image.
  2. Anytime a new image is placed on the canvas, the frame re-adjusts. Can this behavior be turned off? Can you allow users to locate and set their own frames? Meaning that frames won’t re-adjust automatically?

Thanks for considering these ideas.


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Could you please provide an example of frame re-adjustment?

I just have double checked and as far as I can see, when I add an image (both via inserting and copy-pasting), it does not disrupt the frame borders.

@Lana @Lura_Albee I’ve noticed the activity in pt #2 specifically in the planet-style topics/sub-topics & anything you place in that area does cause the frame to adjust accordingly. (Most times that was my intent so I’ve used the feature on purpose, which I believe is the opposite from the question, just FYI. It would be nice to have the option to do both?)