I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?



I accidentally deleted my presentation while trying to share it with someone. Can I recvoer it somewhere?

Thank you!

Recover Accidentally Deleted Presentation
Accidently deleted prezi. Can it be recovered?

Did you delete the presentation completely or only its contents are missing? Accidentally deleted presentations cannot be recovered, not even from our databases, I’m afraid.

In case not the whole presentation is deleted, only its contents, please send its link for me so that I could have a look.



I accidentally deleted my Prezi - I was cleaning out all the non-used stuff and it accidentally switched places with my big presentation on which I was working two months… Is still there a possibility to restore it? I know this topic is existing and popular, but I couldn’t find one answer for this issue
My link was https://prezi.com/sx3ewl5eye9b

I will be grateful for your help!



@Andrew, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. Unfortunately, deleted presentations cannot be recovered.


SOS to all PREZI experts :sos: I have just (really!) only deleted the released link to a PREZI (because the circle of people should not see this Prezi any more), and then THE COMPLETE PREZI was deleted! I was NOT asked again if I want to delete the TOTAL PREZI, because I only clicked on the X at the link. It was a very important precious and she’s completely gone! Ideas? Help? Tips? Friday’s over :frowning:



Hello, @Sabine_Nuffer. I am sorry for any inconvenience you might have experienced.

Could you please retrieve a link to the presentation in your browser history? That would help us to assist you better.


Oh, my God, is there hope?

Here is the link I sent my customer: https://prezi.com/view/AfDDSZZ4bee4vCXIXCqF/

I wanted to delete this link, NOT the PREZI. But suddenly it was all gone. I was not asked if I want to delete the Prezi

If you can restore this to me, my day is saved.

With hopeful greetings,



We will try our best but what we would need is an edit link from your browser history. It would look something like this: https://prezi.com/p/xxxxxxxxxxx/ (the last part would be an alphanumerical lower case combination).




I’m afraid it is still a view link (as it has ‘view’) in it. And we would need the one with ‘p’.

Could you please maybe let us know the title of the presentation? Was it created with the account you are using on the forum?


Yes, it was used with this account. Because I did not intend to delete it at all, I cannot say the exact title, but it was contained "24 June


The Prezi has completely disappeared. I just wanted to delete the link (see above) I sent my customer


I was hoping that you could do something with AfDDSZZZ4bee4vCXIXCqF because it was in the link to my custom


Thank you for the information.

I have checked in our system and I can confirm that today the presentation titled "NEU - 24. Mai “Facebook - Dabei sein ist alles?!” was deleted on the user end.


Yeah, that’s the one Mai instead of June. Does that mean it’s deleted forever? Please don’t


Yes, I am afraid as it was deleted on the user end and the deletion was confirmed, there is nothing we can do.


Oh shit. Thanks for the help anyway


You are welcome. I am sorry we could not help further.


I just did the exact same thing, I think I made the share link but wasn’t ready yet and I deleted it, but I didn’t know it would completely delete it off of my account. Before it kicked me out, I did get that edit link, I don’t know if you can help or not but it’d be a miracle. https://prezi.com/p/2mynxvrgc2j6/


Sorry for you! We had to do the whole presentation again. The good thing is that we had it on Powerpoint! Good luck.

Martin Turcotte