I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

yesterday (2019.11.19 at 5 PM more or less) I deleted my Prezi presentation.
Please help me.
Coud you restore the last version?

My name is Andrea Mantovan
My account is kegiostra@hotmail.it
I don’t remember the name of presentation ( maybe it called “Stampato”)

The following link is not about last version of the Prezi Presentation

I ask you to resume the last version.
Thank you very much


Hello @Andrea_Mantovan, you should be able to find the presentation in your dashboard now :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! you saved me!

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I have accidentally deleted my presentation https://prezi.com/p/fevsibr07u6t/ways-to-school/ .
Is it possible to restore it?

Hello @alexey_maslow, we have restored your deleted presentation, it will be in your dashboard :slight_smile:

Hi, I just started using prezi next and created my first presentation. Today, when I signed to prezi next desktop app, the presentation was gone, i can only see the default ones, and it is the same in the on-line version. Can you help me please?

Im sending link to the presentation that no longer works - https://prezi.com/p/blitl2unuw7j/

Hello @Someone_in_ZAT, we have restored your presentation, you should be able to find it both in your dashboard and desktop application now :slight_smile:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
What happened, what was the problem? I really want to prevent this in the future

Hello @Someone_in_ZAT, it seems like you deleted the presentation :slight_smile:

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hi, i delete accidentally my new prezi. please restore it.
name of prezi: untitled presentation
it was first in my desktop prezi and then i synced it. (from local to cloud)
please help me

Hi @Haniyeh_Sa, I’ve restored a presentation that might be the one that you are looking for. Could you please check if it’s the one? :slight_smile:

hi Bart
i dont’s see it in my prezi.
where i should looking for it? :cry:

and 4days ago when i sent that message, after i lost my hope and didn’t check my emails, i’m sorry i responded late. :pray:

i have to say that in prezi (not classic), there is a prezi difault from beginning, it’s name is “untitled presentation” and it isn’t my prezi that i make.
unfortunately, my prezi (that i make) name was “untitled presentation” and i forgot to change it name :expressionless:

Hey @Haniyeh_Sa, I’ve reverted the rest of the deleted presentations, can you check them? :slight_smile:

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hi Sam
unfortunately, NO :sleepy::sleepy:
these prezis are empty , just have theme/template.
my prezi was full of informations and began with a logo…

Hey @Haniyeh_Sa can you check again? Let me know if you still can’t find the one you need :slight_smile:

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OMG :cry: yes yes yes
thank you so much Sam🙏
you saved me😁

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