I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

Buenas tardes, si porfavor alguien podria decirme como puedo recuperar una presentacion prezi que borre sin querer y la necesito.


Porfavor si algun miembro de prezi peude ayudarme se lo agradezco

Hola @EDWIN_ERASMO_CUBILLO, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente. Nos podría enviar el título de la presentación, por favor? :slight_smile:

La presentación se llama: RED

I had created a copy of my project and at the end of the work I decided to delete it. Unfortunately I deleted the copy and the original. Is there a way to recover it?

Hi @Nuno_Abreu, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please let me know the title of the presentation that needs to be recovered?

Hola @EDWIN_ERASMO_CUBILLO, hemos recuperado la presentación, podría verificarlo por favor?

Muchísimas gracias si muchas muchas gracias


I must have accidentally hit the delete button. Can I get my project back? Here’s is the link where it says 404 Lost in Space. https://prezi.com/p/edit/iedaltwvry2y/

Hi @Henry_Reul, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

I have recovered your presentation, could you check on it?

I have my presentation back. Thank you so much!!!


I just checked my Assignment that I Made March 3rd 2021 I finshed it at 6:21 pm, And sent it in to my teacher… Its pink and named Photos of the life of Tamika… it took me 6 hours to finish and my course is almost done. I went to load it and look over it this afternoon and it says the whole this is missing. is there anyway you could get it back to me ? Help!!!

this is the link i had,


Hi @Tamika_Hawes, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

I have checked and this presentation seems to be deleted but it looks like it did not belong to your current account.

Have you used this account or a different one?

i couldnt remember what account i did it on! I thought i pressed sign in with my gmail, i tried to get them to send me my forgotten info, but i didnt get an email

Hi @Tamika_Hawes, sorry for the late reply, we’ve had to investigate this issue a bit deeper.

It seems like the presentation is deleted together with the owner account.

Are you able to open it back up??? I just need it for my final project due this week!! It’s worth so much

Hi @Tamika_Hawes, unfortunately, we cannot recover the presentation as the account has been deleted as well.