I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

Thank you very much!
I have another problem, the video is very blurry(both text and video)
I tried downloading the software and but its still not in good quality
what can I do?

Thank you

Thank you very much! Everything is ok)

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I deleted a Ppt, and I want it recovered.
Name is :- Assembly 1

Please I need it today

Hello @Roshan_Raju, we have recovered the presentation, could you please check it?

Thanks for confirming @Ben_Fuxbruner, could you please try to record through the Prezi Video application, as it allows to do so in HD, and let us know if you still experience this issue?

Hope to hear from you soon!

por error he borrado un presentacion de mi panel la cual requiero recuperar a la brevedad posible, podri ayudarme alguien de soporte tecnico por favor

Hola @MIGUEL_CORRAL, he adjuntado tu comentario a la publicación correspondiente.

Hemos recuperado la presentación, podrías verificarlo por favor?

Hey @Catarina I accidentally deleted one of my presentation and I need it urgently as I have to present it soon please help me retrieve it

this is the link for it thankyou so much!!!

Hello @Tarun_Sridhar, we have recovered the presentation, could you please check it? :slight_smile:

Hello, I checked multiple times it didn’t recover please I request check again

@Tarun_Sridhar could you please confirm the title of the presentation?

DM presentation

@Tarun_Sridhar could you please refresh the page and check it now?

thankyou so much! i got it now thankyou again @Catarina

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