I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

Hello @Kiana_Quezada, it seems like one of our colleagues already restored the video, could you please confirm it? :slight_smile:

It was restored that you so much

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Thank you so much. It’s recoverd!. It is a very important presentation. I can not thank you enough.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)

A post was merged into an existing topic: Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)


I’ve just deleted my prezi named “Méthode UNTEC”. Can u recover it please ?

Ty in advance

Hello @fabrice_cornaille, we have recovered the presentation, could you please check it?


Ty for your work.

Have a good day


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Dear Support,
today (2021 at 12 PM more or less) I deleted my Prezi presentation.
Please help me.
Could you restore the last version?
The name of the presentation was something like “Tréningek a múltból…”

The following link is not about last version of the Prezi Presentation

I ask you to resume the last version.
Thank you very much


Hi @Imre_Limpar, could you please check on the presentation now?

Hi Prezi Team, Somehow I suddenly lost access to my presentation.

I am planning to buy 1 year license for the prezi video, however I cannot do that without using my earlier presentation that I just created few days back.

When I click this link, it asks me to give myself access. how’s that possible? Please help me resolving this to move forward with my prezi video creation.


Hi @Jarvit_Customer_Care, I’ve restored your presentation, could you check if you can find it?

Hi Bart, I am able to access the presentation. Would you please let me know whether this got deleted by someone from my account or was this a glitch from the Prezi end. This is important for me to know as I have shared my credentials with a digital marketing agency. Please let me know.

Hi @Jarvit_Customer_Care, this presentation has been deleted by the account owner, no glitch should cause a presentation deletion.

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