I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

@Monica_Ambrogi abbiamo recuperato la presentazione, potresti per favore controllarla?

Sì, è di nuovo tra le mie presentazioni, grazie mille, avete salvato un duro lavoro!

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Hello Prezi,
I believe I deleted my presentation. Can you please help me recover this?

Thank you

Hello @Julia_Graves, could you please send us the title of the presentation so we can assist you?

Hi Prezi!

Please help me. I accidentially deleted my presentation. It is very important and I need to recover it. I wanted to edit the video and take it offline for a little bit in order to do so but I think I deleted it in total. This is the link:

I hope you can help!

Hi @Frederika_Bakker, it should be restored, could you check on it?

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hi there, need to restore this prezi project please, got deleted by mistake, your urgent support is greatly appreciated

Hi @Charbel_Ghannoum, please note that only the owner of the presentation can request the restoration of a deleted presentation. Please ask the owner to reach out to Prezi.

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