I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

Hello @Brian_Vizzusi, I’ve moved your question to the relevant topic.

Could you give any information about the presentation so I could find it?

Ho eliminato per errore la mia presentazione. potete recuperarla?
questo è il link della presentazione eliminata : Log In | Prezi

Ciao @Leone_Radaelli, ho unito il tuo post con il thread pertinente. Abbiamo recuperato la tua presentazione, potresti per favore controllarla?

I am worried because my presentation was deleted by mistake. Is there a chance to recover it? Do I have to do all the work from scratch?
Regards -
Leopold Wróblewski

Hello @Leopold_Wroblewski

I have merged your post to the relevant thread.
We have recovered the deleted presentation. Could you please check to make sure everything is in order?

please help me!!! I have the same problem…I was struggling so hard doing it and its gone and now I dont knoe what to do
I hope this is the link of the presentation: Log In | Prezi

I accidentally deleted my presentation on Prezi Present and I dont know if I can access it again or its just gone…Could you help me please?
I think this was the link for the presentation: Log In | Prezi

Hi @Mirjam_Palko, the deleted presentation was successfully recovered to your account.

Please refresh https://prezi.com to see the presentation on your dashboard and let me know if you need further assistance. :slight_smile:

I decided to try Prezi for the first time and spent the whole day putting a presentation together. The templates that were provided were amazing. However, I went down a rabbit whole with learning how to put a self video presentation using a different template and decided against it and deleted what I thought was the draft of the second presentation but lost the first one. Unfortunately. Isn’t there a trash bin where I can retrieve it? (Log In | Prezi) Has a page not found or designated as private. holding breath

Hi @Paul_Stuessy, I’ve merged your question into the relevant post.

I successfully recovered your presentation. Please refresh https://prezi.com to see the presentation on your dashboard. :slight_smile:

Oh thank you. But I dont see it in the library. It wasn’t “Cause of Deafness”. It was called Communication and Interaction Training

Thank you!

OMG I had to refresh. Found it. THANK YOU! You guys rock. Im testing PREZI out before encouraging the rest of the staff to use it.

Hi @Paul_Stuessy, I’m glad you have it back :slight_smile: Thanks for the nice feedback!

It was about addiction. Is there anyway you can help me get it back?
Thank You, Madison Mateo

Hello @Madison_Mateo, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please give me the exact title of the presentation?

Problem and Solution: When facing addiction.

Hello @Madison_Mateo, I have restored the presentation you are looking for.

Could you please confirm that it’s the correct one?

Yes. Thank you so much!

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Ciao, devo recuperare una presentazione eliminata potete aiutarmi, grazie

Hello @Benjamin_Otoo, Ho unito la tua domanda all’argomento pertinente.

Potresti dirmi il titolo della presentazione?