I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?


@Agnes please help me recover this file which I mistakenly deleted thinking I was only deleting the link.



@Edwin_Gutierrez I am very sorry but as mentioned above, we are unable to recover deleted presentations, only lost content from presentations.


i deleted a link to my prezi presentation which was created to be shared with one person. but the whole presentation disappeared. is there any way that this can be restored and or recovered?


https://prezi.com/p/zktnirdond4m/ this is the link from browser history


@Yaana_Ventures_Suppo. Unfortunately, when a presentation is deleted on the user end, we cannot recover it.


Same happened to me I am assuming it cannot be recovered? https://prezi.com/p/8wwsqxxypygj/



Unfortunately, as the presentation was deleted on user end, I am afraid, there is nothing we can do.


I think you see a theme here… when people delete links we give to other people it is very confusing that it deletes the whole presentation. Not a great product feature.


Hi Lana,

I did the same as Sabine. The link to my presentation is: https://prezi.com/p/ukjtyg4znhab/ and the title is: PoC Pro-Active Sourcing Market Mapping.

It was deleted by accident on the 29/11/2018. Please help me recover it.




lana - i did NOT delete the presentation. there were two links created for sharing. i only deleted one link. However on deleting that link - the entire presentation disappeared. hence the presentation was not deleted at the user end; for whatever reason it was deleted by the prezi system!!!


@Kevin_Simonnet I’m afraid the presentation itself was deleted and therefore we are not able to restore it.

@Yaana_Ventures_Suppo As I can see the link you sent us is still active and the presentation should still be in your account.


Hi Agnes,

Thank you for informing me. What Yaana described above applies to me. I find it’s a serious bug. I hope it gets reported to the dev team. Otherwise, you’re going to have really angry customers.

Your answer is just not acceptable. These are approx 8 hours of work that I lost + maybe the 2 hours I’ll spend at re-doing the prezi. Once done, I’ll download it and then cancel for life my membership to Prezi. And believe me, I’ll also be an adamant detractor of Prezi to my networks.




I just accidentally deleted a prezi that I spent about 40 hours on! I clicked to delete an out of date link to it but it deleted the entire presentation. Is there any way I can retrieve it? This is an absolute distaster! Thank you for any help from the Prezi Support Team in getting it back - I still have the link to it if that helps? https://prezi.com/view/LqJ08YkUjdjxb2p4RaB8


@Stephanie_Anderson, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. Please know that, unfortunately, we cannot restore deleted presentations.


@Lana can you help me recover this file?


@Leia_Solo, we have reverted the presentation.


@Lana thank you sooo much!


You are very welcome!


Hello! I was editing a presentation with many sub-themes, but now in the general view only the first slide appears, when I know perfectly well that I haven’t deleted anything at all. How could I find the sub-themes? Thanks!



@Lydia_Lucena, I have checked the presentation but now everything seems to be alright with the content. Would you still needs us to revert it?