I deleted my presentation, can I recover it?

I would like to know if there’s a way to recover deleted presentations on Prezi, and if there’s a way, how to do it

Hello Giuseppe, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. After a presentation is deleted, we do not keep any records of it for security and privacy reasons, therefore it is not possible to recover them unfortunately.

Can we get a prezi erased by mistake? Thanks

Hello @louna_lycee, I have merged your post into the relevant thread. Unfortunately after a presentation is deleted we are not able to recover it.

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Hello, I would like to know, are you somehow able to restore lost content from this presentation https://prezi.com/6y-mhuicwt7c/ ? An hour ago it was fine, now it’s empty.

Hello @KA_de, there isn’t any loss of content from this presentation registered in our database, is this the correct view link? :slight_smile:

Dear @Sara I just deleted a public presentation I’ve been working for days and had just finished! I confused with the private one because it had the same name! Can you help me recover it? I’m really desperate!

Hello @CF_R, once a presentation is deleted we are not able to recover it, we apologize for the inconvenience.

I just came back to my account, after cancelling my subscritption, however a presentation i had done prior to canceling has just vanished. If i input the link or click from the hisotory it says 404 can’t be found or is set to private, but its my account and I havent deleted it. The link is

Hello @Matthieu_Perreault, looks like this presentation was created in another Prezi account, which was registered with a different email address. The email domain is mail.concordia.ca. If you log back into this account you can find the presentation in the dashboard. I hope this helps.

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hay guys! I have suddenly by mistake deleted one of the important presentation of mine, so is there any way to recover it ?

Hello @Di.Eng_sibghatulla_s, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to recover deleted presentations, we apologize for the inconvenience.

I was working on a presentation a couple of months ago, and accidentally deleted the content. Is there any way to recover it? This is the edit link to the presentation: https://prezi.com/zuv1ixdv7em_/edit/

I appreciate any help you can give me!

I went to go edit my Prezi and everything was saved yesterday and today it’s all gone and when I go to open it, it gives me a preview that it’s there and now it’s not?

Hi @Naya_Mcnitt, could you please send us a view link to the presentation? We’ll try to recover it.

Hey @Victor_Velazquez, I reverted your presentation to an earlier version. Please check and let me know if this is the version you were looking for. :slight_smile:

Hi Kata,

This version works for me. I really appreciate your help !

Thank you!!


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You’re welcome @Victor_Velazquez! Happy presenting :slight_smile:

Response was a little too late, I already redid the entire thing