I dislike the templates and just want my PPT to appear normal/plain

I’m not a fan of the Prezi templates. I mainly use Prezi so that I can share presentations that I give to large groups without having to worry about distributing the presentation, given pirating issues in my industry.

With that said, my slides look great as they are and I really don’t want/need to be forced to use a Prezi template. How can I upload my presentation so that it’s just my slides on a plain background? It sounds boring, I know, but Prezi does not make my presentations look better and it’s a huge nuisance to have to reformat them and use the Prezi color/image templates, which mess up some pretty strong custom work I’ve already built into my PPT.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Kilby_Blades, with our dedicated PPT import feature it’s not possible, however there is a workaround. I recommend that you:

  1. Save your PPT as PDF
  2. Start a new presentation from a template and choose one of our blank templates
  3. Then you can insert your PDF that was created from the PPT
  4. To import your slides to the overview, click on Insert all pages
  5. You can Zoom to these slides by inserting Animation and adding a Zoom area around your slide.
  6. Alternatively, you can create a new stack for each slide, and insert the slide inside the stack.

Please let me know if this answer was helpful!