I Don't Understand New Prezi Products and Their Uses

Hi, I am no Prezi expert. I have made one Prezi 18 months ago with the old Prezi Classic.

Recently, I had to do a Zoom training and thought I’d use Prezi but ran into problems, I could not download one of the Prezi apps (Prezi Video) to my Mac because my Mac OS was too old and my Mac was too old to upgrade. (I am supposed to have Mac Catalina).

So, here’s what I want to do with Prezi.

Primarily, I want to create videos to educate people. I like the idea of my face and the slides being on the screen at the same time. Do I use Prezi Next or Prezi Video ? And, do I have to have them on my computer or can I do it online.

Secondly, it looks like I’ll be doing the occasional presentation on Zoom and I would like to be able to use Prezi to have me and the slides on the screen at the same time and easily switch from either just me on the screen, or me and slides or just the slides. Once again, do I need Prezi Next or Prezi Video to do this ? And, is it necessary for me to have the app on my computer or can I do it from Prezi online?

regards Greg

Hello @Greg_Woodley, I will reply to your questions in two parts:

  1. You can use either Prezi Present or Prezi Video to create your slides, but Video is the product to use if you’d like to record yourself while displaying your content. When creating your presentation in Present, you can then import it to Prezi Video by following the steps mentioned in this article;

  2. To display your content while showing next to it through Zoom, you’ll need to use Prezi Video. Read more on how to do it here. You’ll need to use the Prezi Video application, which you can download through this link.

Let us know if you have further questions, and hope this could clarify some of your doubts!