I don't want blank frames between animation...is there a way to make content appear on click?

Working on my first Prezi, so sorry if this is a rudimentary question but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere yet. When you animate parts of a frame is there a way to make it appear on click (like in PowerPoint) or does it always have the empty frame before the click? I have a “Where” circle frame and in the frame I have 11 cities that I want to come up one  click at a time, but I do not want an empty frame to come up between. I want city one to come up, click and it when moves to the next city, it comes up when it “lands,” etc.  Thanks for the help!

This is not any help…

The video to which you refer us does not explain how to make elements fade in on click.


   What we want is for the content to appear immediately when we click to go to the frame.  We want the content to fade in so that we don’t see it in the big picture before going to the frame, but we also don’t want to have to click to go to the frame and then click to make the content appear.  We want the fade in and the go to the frame motion to both come on the same click.  I seem to remember doing this last year, but now I can’t figure out what I did.


I understand what you mean now I think,. In the normal Edit eode (not the Edit Path mode), you need to hold ctrl and click the items you want to appear together. Repeat for each group of items. then in Edit Path, you can animate the frame, by choosing the groups in the sequens you want them to appear

How do you make items appear via click, over top of each other?

The resuable example link doesn’t work.

Yes, this helps. Thank You!