I get little squares at the end of text



I am getting little squares after the end of a sentence.

Any specific reason why or how can I stop it?


Are you cutting and pasting from a different document by chance? That happens a lot to me when I’m grabbing text from Word, for example.


Ah, that could be it. Thanks Kate!




Th text you are pasting into Prezi has formatting codes that can be read by Word but not by Prezi. It’s sticking a square character in because it doesn’t know how to translate the Word code into a printable character. You can get around this by taking one additional step in your copy and paste sequence:

  1. Select the text and copy it (Ctrl/Cmd-C)
  2. Open a text editor - Microsoft Notepad or Apple TextEdit and paste in your text (this will strip out any formatting codes)
  3. Select it again and copy (from the text editor this time)
  4. Paste the unformatted text into Prezi

It takes some extra steps, but it beats deleting each square if you’ve got a lot of text.



Thanks Robin for that tip.