I have a DLP projector with USB (flash drive) is it possible to use a Prezi show?

I have a DLP projector with USB…(flash drive) is it possible to use a Prezi show. Tried to download and load in DLP but only get the Logo

Hi Jerry,

We have some suggestions for connecting a projector to a prezi.

  • BEFORE  you do connect:
  1. Make sure that you are  not  in Present mode when you connect the projector. Connecting the projector will probably change your resolution and so your prezi may not fit properly into your projected screen. 
  2. It’s usually best to resize browser windows to ‘small’ before plugging in a projector, as the resolution change might make it hard to resize your browser window later. 
  • The default setting for most computers will be to “mirror” your computer screen onto the projector. This means that whatever is displayed on your computer screen will be exactly the same on the projector screen. If, for some reason, this is not the setting on your computer, you can change it quite easily. Mac Users can go to ‘System Settings > Display’ and Window Users can find their settings under ‘Control Panel > Display > Display Settings’. 
  • Click the ’ Present’ button in the top-left corner of the screen while in Edit Mode to start presenting your prezi on your connected projector.  
  • You will see a message like the one below telling you that Prezi is now fullscreen. Click ’ Allow’ before you start to present your prezi. If you do not, you will not be able to go through your prezi’s path. 
    Here you can find more information: http://bit.ly/1fsP5oy
    Hope it helps.