I just want to create a blank prezi from the blank template. No blue circle

I just want to create a blank template. I don’t want the blue circle in the middle of it.  I cannot get rid of this annoying blue circle in the middle of my presentation.  Please advise.

One think I did was edit the layout to set the blue circle to 255 255 255 so it’s just invisible.  But that’s a hack.  If there is a better way to do this, I’d like to know.

Hi John, 

You can simply remove the blue frame by clicking on the middle button and Remove frame.

For more information: http://bit.ly/1joI6UI



This doesn’t actually solve the problem.   When I create a blank template, Prezi inserts a blue circle in the background.  Removing the frame (there is no frame to remove yet) doesn’t remove anything.   The way I was able to “hide” this circle was by editing the color of it to be white, effectively hiding it.

Hi John,

I just tested myself, please try following me on this, because it is really simple.

  1. Go to prezi.com
  2. Click New prezi
  3. From the options click on Start blank prezi
  4. Click on the blue frame line (it will give you some options)
  5. Click on Remove frame, so you will be able to adjust your prezi the way you want.

Hope it helps.

Nicole, I tried spending maybe 20 minutes doing that very thing earlier, and it wouldn’t highlight the circle as a frame at all.  But now it works.

Thanks. At least now I know how it’s supposed to work, which helps.


I am glad I could help!
Please verify if your firewall is not blocking prezi.com to run smoothly and if your Flash updated.


Hi Nicole, I’m trying to get something together for my teacher by 6 am and its after 2 am. For the purposes of clarificaion, are you indicating right click or left click? So far I get completely different results when I click inside the frame. I’ve been able to make the words go bye-bye, but not the blue circle consistently enough to know exactly what it was I did the one time I did get it to show the same delete thing (transformation tool).

Hi Julia,

Could you please be more specific and send me a screenshot? If you think prezi.com is not working properly, please follow the above advices to check your firewall and if your flash is updated.

julia, are you reading ‘in the blue frame’ to mean inside the circle? i was, and finally understood nicole meant ‘on the actual blue line that makes up the circle’. 

I found that selecting “Invisible” as the frame fixes this. It may look visible during the editing but one you present it, it turns completely invisible.

Hi Charles, exactly with invisible frames you can organize your content without the added visual of a normal frame. And in the Present Mode it doesn’t show up.