I lost my final version


My friend made a prezi, and shared the link. and I went to the link and spent a long time to edit the Prezi to be presented today. but unfortunately while the prezi cover shows what I did, when it is in presenter view or edit, it shows something that my friends did before I edit it. So I cannot see the final one. I saved several times, but my doing was gone now. How can I see the final version? Is it all gone??? the link is https://prezi.com/view/2QyAWsSvJCtXL8QocnYG/


Hello, we are sorry for the difficulties, is it possible that you simultaneously edited the presentation and your friend over-edited your changes?

As I can see there were multiple edits made to the presentation recently but if you wish I can also revert the presentation to an earlier date to have an earlier version where you might still have your own edits.


Hi, I found the latest version on my laptop. I think I can open it through the laptop, but not through on mobile phone. I can edit it simultaneously with my friend!

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Hello, Please note that on mobile devices it is not possible to edit presentations currently. You can only view them with the Prezi Viewer application. Also we do not recommend editing presentations simultaneously using the same Prezi account, as it can cause content loss in your presentations. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.