I love Prezi! Please critique my latest creation.

Hi guys. This is such a great tool. I have had a ton of fun and am making big waves in my industry. Please check out my latest Prezi. I’d love any feedback or suggestions you might have for me. http://prezi.com/t-14wdwz8w4i/the-tre…

I like it - writen nicely to be browseable by anyone and clearly not as a presentation to “present with”

one suggestion - put in some large scale structure - why not have your entire prezi built in an office style grid-map that is only revealed with the final pull back at the end?

Done. I tried a number of images but the billboard worked best. Free image from MS Office too. :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea.


Great prezi. I like your addition of pulling back at the end into the billboard.


Nice. I liked the presentation and the medium.


I really like the use of zooming, especially on the computer screen, and zooming out into the office to reveal the lady looking over the cube.

However, be aware that too much rotation causes some to experience motion sickness / dizziness, so try and limit the amount of rotation.


I hear that on the rotation. I’ve tried to limit it.

Props to AJ above for his suggestion of a pullout to a large structure. Thanks Prezi team!