I Love Prezi


:star_struck: At first I found Prezi intimidating &wanted back my old PowerPoint slides…but ohhhh NO! Prezi, when done correctly can be stunning, interesting, fun to create (that’s new!) but best of all, stops "death by PowerPoint "!! LOL… having fun learning Prezi :writing_hand:t2:


@Laura_Duran, we are very happy to hear you are enjoying our product! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please know that we have a YouTube channel where you can see tutorial videos and a knowledge base where you might find useful articles.

And of course, we’re always happy to answer your questions and provide support here on this forum.


:blush: Hi, Lana!! Oh, I learned how to do my first Prezi from a YouTube instructional! ! That’s where I go to take notes, then I jump right into my presentations. I had to do a Prezi on a VERY, VERY sensitive topic inreference to a form of cultural sexual abuse which is now in the U.S. because of burgeoning pockets of certain populations and what can possibly be done about it since it is a crime (!!) here. My Prezi was amazing!! AMAZING!:smiley: and our group received very high marks. I’ll never forget firstly, how much I learned and secondly, how I learned it by showing others in the most dynamic, respectful way possible. PREZI DOES ALL THAT!!
I’m so hooked on the creative possibilities!
Thanjs, Lana!!:cherry_blossom: