I need help desperately


I work at a residential treatment center and there is a Prezi presentation one of my students made at least a year ago. Her father reached out to us and wants the presentation removed immediately do to the fact that searching her name the presentation will be a result of that search.

Because my student doesn’t have access to the internet any longer (new rules) and cannot remember her login information from so long ago I am on the case to get it all figured out.

I NEED to be in contact with someone that can help me get the presentation taken down immediately.
Someone please help.

Thank you.


Without the login details, there is unfortunately no way of legally verifying that she is the person to whom the account actually belongs to. For this reason, I unfortunately cannot delete the account for her nor any of the content within the account.

However, if removing the content is very important, she can file a copyright notification to remove content from Prezi here or by clicking on the Report abuse button below a prezi, and selecting “Copyright infringement”. Afterwards, our colleagues will get in touch with you.