I need offline Analytics

I want to purchase a team prezi account, but I require offline analytics. I need to give the presentation offline because we can’t depend on an internet connection. If you could make it so the app syncs once the person is connected and I could later access analytics that would be great.

My team typically gives their presentations when there is NO internet access, and I need to track how often they are giving it.

Under your current app, no solution is provided.

@Julie_Lehto I’m afraid there is no way to track offline views of a presentation as there is no technical solution for collecting data on how many computers the portable presentation was transferred to and how many times the file was opened.

We can only provide information on the view link that is sent out to your audience and analyze the views, providing useful statistics but this is not feasible in case of offline presentations.

Someone could download the app on their computer or tablet and give the presentation offline. It’s clear that we can’t get these analytics, but once that person with a downloaded app connects to internet, shouldn’t their
offline app usage sync through and become visible to us?

This is important to us because we don’t always have reliable internet access in remote areas, and using prezi connected to internet would be a complete disaster. And we need these analytics of how many times the presentation
has been given.

I am sorry but currently we cannot offer a solution for this but I am forwarding your request to our development team and hopefully we will be able to provide a service that would suit your needs in the near future.