I need to present my prezi to more than 30 people at one time

Someone in my company created a prezi to use in a webinar. They now want me to setup the webinar to present to the whole company. Using the regular webinar options (go to meeting, any meeting, etc) isn’t a great choice because of the lag/poor video quality. Using Prezi’s presentation mode won’t work because I need to have MUCH more than 30 people join. Does anyone have a good solution that they have used? SO far we haven’t come up with a viable solution and we’re considering scrapping the whole thing and starting over in powerpoint.

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately you cannot present to more than 30 users at the same time. We are working to increase or remove the limit in the future.
Until then I recommend using a screen sharing application for this purpose.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Back to PowerPoint then. Screen sharing has a very low quality and frame rate. The prezi experience is completely lost. There is no point in spending the huge amount of time putting a prezi together to make it look good when nobody can view it the way it is intended.

Can u help me make a prezi

Would there be any technical reason why you couldn’t make duplicates of the presentation and run them in parallel?

Any update on this? I have presenters who want to use Prezi and we use GoToWebinar. It seems to lose that smooth thing Prezi folks love. Any advice? 

Hey Tom,
We use Zoom (www.zoom.us) as it features higher quality streaming than traditional tools like GoToWebinar - there is a noticeable difference in quality and while it’s still not the same as viewing a Prezi  live, it definitely is superior to the alternatives. Happy presenting!