I signed up with a Google account, and I can't cancel my subscription


Well, I’m trying to cancel my subscription. The problem comes when I ask for a password. The thing is that I do not have a password because I’m registered with a Google account, and not with a Prezi account. What I can do?


Please generate a password by resetting your password on this page. Afterwards, you should be able to cancel your subscription.


I’m trying to cancel my renewal but when it asks me for my password to confirm I get an error message. It’s not the wrong password because you get an “Inccorect password” message if that’s the case. I tried to close my account completely but it won’t let me because of the pending renewal.

Should I just contact Paypal to block the renewal from going through? Is that my only option?


I have the same problem


@Albert_Stoddard and @Severin_Pfister could you please tell me the exact error message you get? Could you perhaps try to cancel in a different browser, as well?


Also, if you registered to Prezi by using single sign-on, then follow my advice from this topic:


Problem can be solved by reseting the password for anyone who signed in with a Google account.


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