I think Prezi should make a mobile app for android.

I think Prezi should make a mobile app for android, I use Prezi for presentations on school and sometimes we have some trouble with internet. I think that the Prezi app could let us save and make presentations in our mobile device.The app is only available for apple users, i suppose people will help me make this post be viewed by the Prezi team and they should make the app free, many people will download it quickly. Thank You.

Android’s App, when ?._

Prezi: There is any rough idea of when android’s app will be available ? in days ? weeks ? months ? years ?


why still no prezi for android tablet?._

I’ve been an avid prezi user and advocate since the beginning! But its very disappointing to see that you are still not supporting android tablets. What’s the hold up? Do I need to find an alternative source for presentations?

Prezi für Android._

Please i need it ???

Ich brauche es unbedingt!!???

Is an Android app coming soon?._

Please develop a Prezi app for Android OS. I have an Asus Infinity tablet and a Samsung Galaxy SII phone – would like to be able to use Prezi on both. Since half or more of the market now runs on Android, this would seem to be a priority.

Can you please shed some light on your plans, when an Android app is expected, etc.? And if you aren’t planning an Android app - why not?

Thank you.



Apps for Andriod users._

I am looking forward an apps of Prezi would available for the Andriod Users but not only apple devices :))

Prezi on Android?._

Hi, Prezi does not work on Chrome for Android. Error msg is: “Chrome for Android does not support this plug-in”. This is on a Nexus 7, Jelly Bean 4.1. I am using Prezi just on the web, and there appears to be no Android App. Am aware that the main issue here is the use of Flash… any chance that there would be a fix sometime?

Viewing a Prezi on an Andriod possible?._

I used to be able to do this on an EVO. No I am on the Samsung Note and unable to.

Where is the Android Tablet App??._

Is there an Android app so I can use Prezi on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet?

Prezi on Android Tablets?!?!._

I see there is a prezi for iPad… Since Adroid tablets are about half of the tablet market, when is a prezi app for Android coming out?

Prezi Android App._

Android is the most popular mobile OS, why not making an app for it. I think, we NEED, this.

Can i get preze to work on my Android Tab?._

I use Android on all my devices, an so does the company. Is there any way to make it work? Any App? any specific browser?
i use the galaxy tab 10

Playing and Editing for Android-tablets._

I can’t find the Google-App for Prezi to play and edit my Prezi on my Android-tablet.
At what time can we expect it in this communty?

Problems downloading Desktop version for my Android tablet. Can anyone help?._

Prezi Desktop will not downlad on my Android tablet, despite the fact that it already has Adobe Air installed. Any ideas on how to manage to download it? I often work from the tablet when travelling and would need the desktop edition in case there is no internet

Prezi Meeting on iPad or Android Tablet._

Are you going to have Prezi Meeting on iPad or on Android Tablets? I would like to have students in my class create a review Prezi by collaborating on different aspects of a topic.

prezi for the android tablet._

i have a tablet and i just got it i use prezi so much it and i would love if you could make the prezi for an android tablet

Watching downloaded Prezi on Android Smartphone? How?._

Is it possible to display my downloaded prezi on an Android Smartphone?
I would like to watch my downloades prezi-presentation on my Android Smartphone. I’ve already installed the swf-player but the Player is not able to open the prezi.exe. Does anyone have a suggestion hot to solve this problem? Thank you in advance!

Android loves Prezi, too!._

So, if i can download Prezi in the Chrome app store, why can’t i use it on my android tab? Great product, just so you know. You guys have a home run with this.
I do a lot of presentations, and having this available on my android tab would be AMAZING. I’d absolutely buy a license if it were available on android.

Android App?._

Why this app is not ready on Android Honeycomb 3.2, i saw on iPad and is great but you guys need to make it in Android Honeycomb…

Luv Prezi. Prezi for Android. Any time soon?._

Noticed that there is Prezi for iPad.
Any ambition to develop an application for the Android Tablets